Server Rules

[R.E.D] Overpoch Server Rules:

No building bases within 1000m of traders and high military loot areas.

Stealing in traders is now allowed.

So Lots of people are still getting confused with safe zone do’s and dont’s.

What You Can Do:
Kill a player when he/she leaves the trade zone. ****Note You must not stand near trade zone when you PVP (Example: Walk 1m out of zone -> Kill -> walk back in trade zone)/***
Camp safe zone from your custom base. (as long as the base is 1000m).
Flying from or landing in trade zone in your chopper. (Do not spam flares, fire at or in traders).

What You Cant Do:
Kill inside the trade zone.
Kamikaze trader zone.
Push players in trade zone with vehicle
Push a players vehicle with your own vehicle.
Use safe zone to leave and re-enter combat when it suits you.

No hacking!!! If you hack you will get caught and banned and your UID will be given to other servers. If you team with a hacker you also will get a ban.

No glitching. Anything that happens thats not suppose to happen is a glitch. If you do something by accident. Report it and don’t abuse the glitch or leak it to other players.

No duplicating. Duplicating ruins the object of the game and creates and unfair advantage to others. If caught you will be given a final warning even if its your 1st offence.

No combat logging. Accept your death. This is a high loot pvp server. You can get everything you had back in no time.

No glitching into bases or other places that are not suppose to be accessible.

No sky bases. (base must have a ground access enterance).

Bases must be raidable.

No global vehicle hoarding.

No ban evading. If you have been banned, DO NOT use an alternitive account to play on our server during your banned period.

Do not spam map markers. This effects server performance.

Do not trick players into ALT+F4 or right shift + P for special rewards. Expect a final warning even for 1st offence.

Do not lay down in the water to avoid being shot at. Laying in the water creates a god mode like bug. If caught expect a final warning.

Any Inactive players for long periods of time will be reset. Any vehicle that has no key will be removed from server. Any Safes Inactive for a while will be opened for everyone.

No base takeovers. Base raiding is allowed.

NO ramming is allowed. Kamikaze rule will be enforced. This gameplay style is so 1944. Get with the times. Use 50cals. (Accidents may happen where to choppers collide, don’t report them for kamikaze if it wasn’t intentional, accidents do happen).

Side Chat Rules:

Side chat trash talk is acceptable but know when to stop. Use of any kind of Racist, Homophobic, or Discriminatory comments will not be tolerated, even if the remark is made towards a friend or in a joking matter. This includes comments regarding sex trafficking, pedophilia, necrophilia, and or any other touchy subject.

No voice in side chat.

No player/admin impersonations.

Do not spam side chat for admin. If an admin does not respond in game then go to team speak, sit in the “I need an Admin chat room”, pm an admin once and wait.

Ask players for in-game help before asking for admin. believe it or not some players know how things work too.

No advertising in side chat or discussing other servers. (even if its to trash talk other servers).

If you spot a hacker do not alarm them by spamming side chat. Keep a low profile and let us know via steam, PM or TeamSpeak.

TeamSpeak Rules:

Use in game name (optional) makes our lives easier.

No Voice changer in TeamSpeak.

No spamming players with messages or pokes.

No offensive content such as avatars, nicknames or channel descriptions.

Admin to player Rules:

No admin is to kill players without players consent. If a player would like to have a friendly fair fight then feel free to egg us on.

No asking for coins, vehicles, ammo, healing or any type of request that will result in an unfair advantage over other players.

If you crash/destroy or loss vehicle due to leaving it unlocked that is your fault. We will not refund these items. We will only refund items/coins if something went wrong that you couldn’t prevent. Example, your game crashed while flying a chopper. We would like proof of crash if possible to prevent trolls.

If you loss gear due to logging off to close to server restart you will not be refunded those items. Server restart warning are there for a reason. (recommend you disconnect 5 minutes before server restart).

Report any form of admin abuse to Server owners (Yuri or DuMa). No matter how small the case may be we would like to have regular feedback on our admins.

Do not request to be admin. If admin is required in out team, we will personally choose the person who we can trust. Typically someone we know well with alot of dayz experience and past admin roles.