New anti-hack live

New anti-hack live

New anti-hack live

We just implemented a completely new anti-hack. This anti-hack will not only stop a lot of hackers and cheaters but also greatly improve server performance. With implementing the new anti-hack I also did some clean up and rewriting to improve server performance even more.

Like all new things the anti-hack might come with some bugs. If you find anything out of the ordinary please let us know through a forum post or in the comments.

Happy gaming guys!

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Latest on Wed, 09:27 pm

Cuddlesworth proof for infistar

BigMoney So you are not going to re open the arma 2 server?

YURI Arma 2 server is offline due to constant ddos/hacks... Working on an Arma 3 exile server instead

BigMoney Is the server done for?

MeShootGood Server done for good? What happened?

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