DayZ Fps Boost

DayZ Fps Boost

DayZ Fps Boost

Basically the idea is to turn off Anti-aliasing, V-sync and Post Processing. Set Shadow detail to normal. The other settings don’t impact that much on FPS and for most people can be set high.

These settings are located in Options > Video Options and then click the Advanced button.

This setting determines your maximum viewing distance. This can greatly effect your performance if set too high. You can’t hit anything past about 1000m with most guns. Also most of the time fog limits you to less than this so you can go down to 1100 or 1200 and you might never even notice.

This is the brightness of colors and rarely needs to be adjusted. (It helps to increase this during nighttime)

This affects overall lightning and contrast. Increasing this during nighttime will greatly enhance your vision (almost like having night vision) but will cause your colors to almost go away completely.

Interface Resolution
This is your actual screen resolution and should match your desktop resolution.

3D Resolution
Set this to the same as your interface resolution.

Texture Detail
Textures are used on characters, houses, weapons etc. This can often be set quite high without too much of a performance hit.

Video Memory
If you have a graphics card with 512MB of memory you can set this to high, if you have more you might gain some FPS by setting this to default as it is supposed to use more VRAM then.

Anisotropic Filtering
Most people can set this to high or very high.

This setting, in my opinion, should always be turned off.

If you use anti-aliasing you will have the best results if you set this to “All trees + grass”, otherwise leave it at disabled.

Terrain Detail
This can impact performance greatly combined with a high Visibility setting.

Objects Detail
Most of the time this can be set fairly high without a FPS drop.

Shadow Detail
A normal setting will help you a lot if you have FPS issues.

HDR Quality
Setting this to high will give you better lightning effects but can cause a FPS drop. HDR on high can greatly enhance your visibility during nighttime.

Recommended FXAA(Sharp Filter) If you use AA I suggest you play around with this setting.

Post processing effects
This causes the world to blur when you run and move. I recommend setting this to Disabled.

Interface Size
This controls the size of menus and icons on your HUD. (making this larger will increase the size of your debug monitor and chat text)

Aspect Ratio
Most monitors use 16:9 or 16:10.

Disabling this will probably increase your FPS at the cost of screen tearing.

Balancing between CPU and GPU
Any setting lower than high will use your CPU instead of GPU this can help if you don’t have a powerful video card. Sometimes, setting values to high can actually improve fps.

GPU Flush
Sometimes you can solve graphics glitches and fix FPS issues by doing the following: Press Left Shift plus Numpad – then type flush (not in chat just type it)

Advanced Settings
Some people have said this doubles their FPS.
Go to Libraries > Documents > ArmA 2. In that folder you will find Arma2.cfg and Arma2oa.cfg. Open both of those files with notepad and change the 2 corresponding lines to this:

DayZ Launcher Additional Launch Parameters
Launch Parameters : -nosplash -world=empty -skipintro -noPause -CpuCount=6 -maxMem=2047 (this is my setup and will not work on your computer unless you change -CpuCount= and -maxMem= to match your setup)(Don’t go over 2047 with -maxMem=)
Open DayZ Commander and click on Settings. Copy the launch parameters to where it says Additional Launch Parameters. Now click Done and launch the game.

What they do
-nosplash: Takes the logo screen off of the launch making the game start faster.
-world=empty: Sets the main menu world to a blank ocean making the game load faster.
-skipintro: Removes the movie playing behind the menus.
-noPause: Stops the game from freezing when tabbing out or clicking off screen.
-CpuCount=: How many CPU cores you have. (make sure you change this to how many cores you have)
-maxMem=2047: Amount of RAM you have in megabytes. (Bohemia warns 2047 is soft-coded maximum, any value over 2GB might result in unforeseen consequences!)(1024MB = 1GB)
-winxp: Runs the game in Windows XP mode. This makes the game run in Direct3D 9, not the Windows 7 version. I don’t use it but it might help someone.

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