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    [Server you’re applying for]
    – ARMA 2 Overpoch

    [Personal Info]

    Contact information (Steam):

    Real Name (no last name needed):
    – Jacob

    Ingame nicknames:
    – [5SJ] LT. Long Dong

    – 21

    – Central US (-6)

    – United States

    How would you rate your English (1-10):
    – 10/10

    Other Languages?:
    – No

    How would you describe yourself:
    – Easy to get along with, and easy going. Very determined of a person.

    [Experience and playtime on our server]

    How long have you played DayZ in total:
    – Probably 1 or 2 thousand hours total.

    How long have you played on our server:
    – About a week consistently, a bit longer inconsistently.

    Have you played on other DayZ servers:
    If yes, which ones:
    – I haven’t played another server in months. I couldn’t remember the names if I wanted.

    Do you have previous Admin experience on a DayZ server:
    If yes, details:
    – No administration experience on DayZ.

    What experience outside of DayZ do you have as a Admin, if any? (+details):
    – I’ve ran and developed communities on SA-MP, and Runescape (Private Servers) which were successful in their time.

    What qualities do you think a good Admin should have:
    – Integrity, Leadership, Friendliness, Courteous, and a strong determination to get shit done.

    What do you think a Admin should never do:
    – There is a list of things admins shouldn’t do, But I guess the biggest one is using their powers for an unfair advantage to other players.

    What is (in your opinion) the most important part of being a Admin:
    – The most important part of being an admin is being present and being active with the community that you’re administrating.
    – It’s important to be present and active in your community so players aren’t afraid to spend their time on your server. If hackers, bugs, or unpleasant player interactions fuck up their server experience somebody needs to be there to right any of the wrong doings that would otherwise lose the community a good player.

    If you could change any one policy on our server what would it be:
    – I don’t feel a need to alter any of the current policies in place.
    – I’m more of a do what I need to do and enforce rules that need enforcing, Not creating rules for every little thing kind of guy.

    [Work as a Admin]

    Why do you wish to be a Admin for our DayZ servers:
    – I feel like I have some experience in administration and community communication/control what I could be a big asset to this community.

    What would you do should you find yourself in each of the following situations? (answer detailed, with all different contexts you can imagine):
    – Someone calls for an Admin and explains he has a bug:
    – Refund the player for any potential losses due to the bug then figure out what happened and give that information to the correct person / post it in the
    correct place.

    – Someone spams, yelling that he has a bug:
    – Go to their location so they will get the spam out of the side chat, then proceed to figure out what I can do for them and report the information to the
    correct places.

    – Someone causing trouble in Side Channel, you verbally warn them to stop, but some continue…:
    – Take the time to speak to them one on one ingame via direct communication, and then if it continues it will proceed further to a kick and further steps if

    – Someone is asking you to appear at them and show them your Admin powers:
    – Inform them that would be a type of admin abuse, or just let it slide and ignore it.

    – Someone is reporting a hacker:
    – Investigate the play in question and deal with it as necessary.

    – Someone is asking you to give them weapons or vehicles:
    – Refund them if they have proof of ownership and proof of losing it to a server issues. Otherwise the answer would be no.

    [Time and Devotion]

    How much time can you commit to the Server every week:
    – It depends on my work schedule. But currently we are playing an average of 30 hours a week. That will be reduced after the holidays but it will still be quite active.

    What hours will you usually be Admin on vacations/weekends, please include timezone (i.e. 8am-3pm EST and 8pm-10pm EST):
    – Usually it would be about 7PM CST – 2AM CST. (Obviously that could be much longer than that on the weekends.)

    What hours will you usually be Admin on weekdays:
    – Usually 7PM CST – 10PM CST. (Again it could be longer or shorter, dependent on the day.)

    List any time periods you know you will need to be away from your Admin duties including a rough estimation of the dates (i.e. school finals, yearly family vacations with no net access or work related absences):
    – None that are planned.

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