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    [Server you’re applying for]
    [Personal Info]

    Contact information (Steam):
    Real Name (no last name needed):Benjamin

    Ingame nicknames:Treuce

    Age: 17

    Timezone: CET

    Country: Hungary

    How would you rate your English (1-10):8

    Other Languages?: German, Hungarian

    How would you describe yourself:
    I see myself as a really helpful, kind and honest person. I’m always there to help people, no matter what they need. I’m also a really calm person, it’s hard to get me annoyed. I’m a trustworthy person and can work in a team if needed, but I can easily handle stuff by myself.
    [Experience and playtime on our server]

    How long have you played DayZ in total:
    5 years. Around 2500 hours in DayZ.
    How long have you played on our server:
    1-1.5 months now.
    Have you played on other DayZ servers:Yes.
    If yes, which ones:
    Do you have previous Admin experience on a DayZ server:No
    If yes, details:

    What experience outside of DayZ do you have as a Admin, if any? (+details):
    GTA SA Multiplayer
    What qualities do you think a good Admin should have:
    -Calm, not easy to get annoyed, so your judgment is always clear about different situations. For say, if someone is talking shit, which would normally upset you, you cannot handle just because you’re upset.
    -Ability to accept others opinion, feedback.

    What do you think a Admin should never do:
    -Not follow rules himself
    -Abuse his powers against others
    What is (in your opinion) the most important part of being a Admin: Helping regular players
    Why: As an admin, nobody should just fuck around using admin powers to whatever, but help others as they ask for it, if it’s about rulebreaking then take care of that, if it’s a hacker then find and get rid of him. An admin should work for the community and make it better, keep it to the rules.

    If you could change any one policy on our server what would it be: I wouldn’t change anything, but make it things a bit more understandable, for example rules about trader camping.
    I’ve been in the situation myself when I thought I didn’t break any of the rules, but as the admin and others saw it I did incase break some rules because they weren’t really clear in all circumstances.
    [Work as a Admin]

    Why do you wish to be a Admin for our DayZ servers: As I’m playing on the server I notice people breaking rules every so often and most of the time there is no admin that can look into it. Or the hacker issues lately, in the last 2-3 days I’ve seen multiple hackers on the server and called for admins asap, but even that way it took some time before the hackers got banned. No insult to Cats or Tiktok, they were the 2 people I told about them because they were online at that time and tried everything they could to get rid of the hackers.

    What would you do should you find yourself in each of the following situations? (answer detailed, with all different contexts you can imagine):
    Someone calls for an Admin and explains he has a bug: I would see the bug myself and decide if it’s an arma, client or server-side bug, if it’s a client I would tell him to relog and see if it fixes it, verify mods, respawn and it should be fixed, if not I would contact a higher admin who could reset his account for a last try. If it’s a bug in the game itself, there’s nothing that can be done about it, I would talk to other admins if it should be punished somehow or not. If it’s a server-side bug I would tell the person to report it on the forums or discord so it can get fixed, or even report it myself and tell the person not to abuse that bug or he could get punished.
    Someone spams, yelling that he has a bug: I would tell him to calm down first and stop spamming and then do as written before. If he continues to spam, yell then I would kick/mute him so others aren’t a part of it all.
    Someone causing trouble in Side Channel, you verbally warn them to stop, but some continue…: If they don’t listen to my warning, as a second action I would kick them from the server and see if that helps, if not and they continue I would give them an hour of ban or mute if it’s possible. In case they continue it even after mute/ban, I would increase the time of it and punish them that way again.
    – Someone is asking you to appear at them and show them your Admin powers: I would tell them that it’s none of their business and they don’t need to know, if they continue then handle them as spammers, if they don’t listen to warnings then kick, after that even mute/ban for some time to calm them off.
    Someone is reporting a hacker: I would spectate the so called “hacker” and see if he’s indeed hacking or if there is anything suspicous happening, if I can’t find anything for a longer time then I would tell the person who reported him that he’s most likely not a hacker, but he would still be on my watchlist other times to make sure that’s the case.
    Someone is asking you to give them weapons or vehicles: I would tell the person not to ask for anything like this from any of the admins, since none of them would do it if it’s not a refund for something that has been lost due to hackers, server crash, random server restart or any other case which isn’t the players fault.

    [Time and Devotion]

    How much time can you commit to the Server every week: 20-30 hours.

    What hours will you usually be Admin on vacations/weekends, please include timezone (i.e. 8am-3pm EST and 8pm-10pm EST): 8am-10pm CET

    What hours will you usually be Admin on weekdays: I can’t play on weekdays, but can handle things on TS, discord and RCON, 4pm-10pm CET

    List any time periods you know you will need to be away from your Admin duties including a rough estimation of the dates (i.e. school finals, yearly family vacations with no net access or work related absences): None that I know of.

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