Server info:

Thank you for joining. On behalf of the [R.E.D] Team Welcome. Enjoy your stay.

Here at R.E.D we offer a quality Overpoch server with lots of cool features. We have a small team of admins that will monitor gameplay to keep you guys safe from unfair play from others. We are a new server but we have highly experienced admins and scripters working around the clock to create the best server we can offer for you.

Server Ip:

Our Teamspeak 3 IP:
Our Overpoch Server IP:


F3 player menu
Custom AntiHack
Advanced Trading
Safe zones at traders and Banks
Custom GUI
Custom Missions
WAI Missions
Packable Mozzie/Bike
Self Blood Bag
Deployables – LittleBirds – Motor Bike – Bicycle
Active Admins
Group system (Press F1)
Earplugs (press U)
Disable Environment sounds (Press I)
Snap pro
100K starting coins
Increase view distance
Capture Points (earn 2k every 2 minutes and loot)
Earn coins for every 10 minutes you play on the server
Jets from missions (Despawns on Server restart)
Fps counter
Humanity Rank class selector
Mystery Brief Cases/Case Openings
Moving Bandit/Hero traders (new location every restart)
Weed Farms
Detailed Kill Feed
Craft Menu
Find Vehicles
Hack Safes with hotwire kit
Eye Scan and plot/door management
Break in through doors & more.