Server Base & Item Wipe 17/02/2017

Unfortunately, there has been a series of errors in the database causing huge amounts of problems on the server recently.

These include duplicating all vehicles, server crashes, and multiplying base items all leading to a massive load being placed on the server, this subsequently meant that the performance of the server was not up to standard causing desync and huge amounts of latency when trying to buy things from traders due to the script lag.

As this was a problem with the database there is no way to fix this without a wipe of the server.

This wipe will occur on 17/02/2017 at 3PM GMT

This will include the wiping of all bases, all gear and all vehicles.

I know this is an inconvenience for you all as a large amount of you have only just begun building up bases and hoarding up the gear you require to slaughter other players

Due to this until 23/02/2017 we will be handing out one base building kit to everyone on the server so they can begin to rebuild their bases.


Up until the wipe the admin team will be running a series of events where you can win VIP spawn kits and also build boxes for after wipe.

If you have any ideas for these events feel free to contact any of the admins as they would be happy to assist you in making the remainder of this wipe as enjoyable as possible for you.


I know that this isn’t ideal for anybody however it is necessary for the server to continue to function as expected by players.

Good luck rebuilding after the wipe

For any more information about the wipe, contact [R.E.D] Yuri, Cuddlesworth, [R.E.D] James Kerrison or [R.E.D] Forsaken in TeamSpeak.

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  1. “STATS WILL NOT BE WIPED meaning that your money not be affected by this wipe.”
    Only the Money on my Bank Account or also the Money on my Hand?

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