Load screen Competition

Here is your chance to create a cool load screen for our server. Anyone is welcome to take part in this competition.

It will be open until January the 29th 2017.

Current Loadscreen installed on the server:

Your Loadscreen must include the website name “www.rgdayz.com”
Your Loadscreen must include the TS3 IP “”

The load screen must be related to the server (Arma 2 Dayz/Epoch)

How to submit your pictures:
Message an admin in TS3 saying you have made a picture for the load screen competition advertised on the website and they will take that link and send it to either James Kerrison, Shawn, Yuri or Cuddlesworth to keep safe.

Winner will be updated here in the post of he/she’s Name and winning load screen.


Unlock The Marksman 1 Class In The Spawn Selection       =    MK17 EGLM RCO + AliceBP + mozzie

1 x Armed Uh-1H

Good Luck – Yuri

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